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Perth Plumbing, Therm Oz Expo

Perth Plumbing Industry Trade Day

Perth Plumbing Industry Trade Day The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association welcome plumbing students and professionals working in the plumbing industry to attend an inspection

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Are there health benefits to thermostatic showers?

OT Week 2023, Therm Oz Occupational Therapy

OT Week 2023

OT Week 2023: Unity Through Community Occupational Therapy Week 2023 (OT Week 2023) is a celebration of occupational therapy that occurs every year. It aims

Therm-Oz Press Release, GHP Award, Award Winning Shower

Press Release: GHP Safety Innovation Award 2023

Therm-Oz Press Release: 2023 GHP Award Winners First released at GHP-News Specialising in thermostatic shower systems adhering to stringent Australian standards, Therm-Oz ensures consistent water

Why Should I Choose A Thermostatic Shower?, KidSafe Shower

Is your Shower Kidsafe and Water-Wise?

KidSafe and Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers combine forces to promote bathroom safety Most of us follow a routine before we put one toe under the shower:

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Why Use Thermostatic Showers?

3 Reasons To Choose Thermostatic Shower, Why Should I Choose A Thermostatic Shower?

3 Reasons To Choose a Thermostatic Shower

Why Should I Choose A Thermostatic Shower? Thermostatic Shower Safety The convenience of having a thermostatic shower Personalize your thermostatic shower Thermostatic shower advantages Thermostatic

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For self-managed NDIS plans, the NDIS Assistive Technology Team classify the thermostatic shower as a Category 3 Item. Discover more about how you can use our thermostatic shower valves to support those with disabilities.

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