An OT's Perspective on the Thermostatic Mixing Valve

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Hi, I’m James Hunter, occupational therapist, and director of Melbourne Occupational Therapy Services.

I wanted to trial the Therm-Oz thermostatic mixing valve, so I had one fitted into my own home.

We have got a very old hot water system that had significant fluctuations between hot and cold, so we’ve had one fitted.

You do need to be wary of the plumber that fits them.

We had to have a pressure reducing valve fitted also.

So just make sure you get a plumber who knows what he’s doing and prepared to follow the instructions.

There are great instructions for this. It is all spelled out. It is a piece of cake as long as your plumber follows the instructions.

But let me show you how it works.

On the left here is simply the temperature setting. That’s set at a respectable 38 degrees. We generally just leave it there. And it’s simple as turning it on.

It cut out a lot of the hot and cold fluctuations and you get quite a steady 38 degrees.

If you have got someone with grip or dexterity issues, we do have a rubber cap that we can put over the top. We do not use this but some of our clients might.

So I’d recommend them.

I think they’ve worked well with this application. I’m going to use them more often with my clients also.

For self-managed NDIS plans, the NDIS Assistive Technology Team classify the thermostatic shower as a Category 3 Item. Discover more about how you can use our thermostative shower valves to support those with disabilities.

How do I as an OT assessor obtain a quotation to submit to NDIS for approval?


As the Therm-Oz thermostatic shower is currently classed as a Category 3 item (please see NDIS note above) then an assessment as per current NDIS guidelines will be required.

Complex home modification (CHM) assessments:

Reno Mixing Valve Only RK-CT100

RK-CT100 Therm-Oz Thermostatic shower Reno Kit with Valve only. Includes all components to replace a 2 tap manual shower (standard shower breech) with no pipework or tiling alterations.

New Build Mixing Valve Only NB-CT100

NB-CT100 Therm-Oz Thermostatic shower New Build pack with Valve only. Includes fixing bracket to pipe up to and securely position on the wall.

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