Press Release: GHP Safety Innovation Award 2023

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Therm-Oz Press Release, GHP Award, Award Winning Shower

Therm-Oz Press Release: 2023 GHP Award Winners

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Specialising in thermostatic shower systems adhering to stringent Australian standards, Therm-Oz ensures consistent water temperatures, eradicating scalding concerns. With a focus on convenience and independence, the firm’s innovative solutions cater to diverse needs, making showering a secure and enjoyable experience for all. We discover more about this company leading the way in its industry.

Therm-Oz is a pioneering company specialising in providing safe and
reliable thermostatic showers in Australia. The company focuses on
enhancing showering experiences by ensuring consistent and safe water temperatures, effectively addressing concerns related to scalding and temperature fluctuations.

Dedicated to promoting showering safety, Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower supplies showers that adhere to the stringent Australian Standard AS4032.4 and hold a WaterMark License (WMK26224). It offers a convenient solution, the Reno Kit, allowing easy conversion from a standard 2-tap manual shower to its thermostatic shower without the need for complex pipework or tiling alterations. Therm-Oz’s thermostatic showers cater to a wide range of clients, including major retailers like Bunnings, Reece Plumbing Supplies, and various plumbing merchants across Australia.

Therm-Oz Press Release

More about safe water temperatures

Therm-Oz’s values are deeply rooted in showering safety, and its overarching goal is to raise awareness across Australia about the importance of safe shower temperatures. Its unique offering sets it apart, having introduced thermostatic showers to Australia and played a pivotal role in having the Australian Standard AS4032.4 included in the WaterMark scope and plumbing codes. This commitment to higher standards further differentiates it from competitors, as its showers meet and exceed European standards.

The Therm-Oz team envisions extending its product range while
continuing to promote thermostatic showers nationwide. Its future plans
include fostering the growth of its range and maintaining its dedication to shower safety and innovation.

In this day and age, health and safety are of the utmost importance. Occupational therapists recommend the Therm-Oz thermostatic shower systems as a means to promote independence and enhance protection for individuals, particularly those with specific needs or mobility challenges. The consistent water temperature and easy-to-use controls contribute to a more comfortable and secure showering experience.

With regard to temperature control, the thermostatic shower systems feature a simple quarter-turn twist for starting the flow of water, while the temperature is controlled using the left handle. The default temperature is set at a safe 38 degrees Celsius, with an override button allowing adjustments up to a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius. This precise control ensures a comfortable shower without sudden temperature changes.

GHP Award Global Healthcare Pharma

Award Winning Shower

When it comes to wet room materials, and particularly showers, stability matters. Therm-Oz thermostatic showers are designed to maintain a steady water temperature even when other appliances are being used simultaneously, such as toilets or washing machines. This stability in temperature guarantees a consistent shower experience regardless of other water usage in the household.

One of the reasons the firm has been recognised for its awards of ‘Assistive Care Product of the Year 2023: Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower’ and ‘GHP Safety Innovation Award 2023’ has been the team’s innovation. By introducing the concept of thermostatic showers to Australia and actively advocating for higher safety standards, Therm-Oz stands out as an innovative company dedicated to enhancing shower safety and user experience.

In conclusion, Therm-Oz is revolutionising the showering experience
in Australia with its dedication to safety and innovation. The company
stands at the forefront of promoting safe and consistent showering
temperatures, enhancing independence, and ensuring peace of mind
for users and caregivers.

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