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Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers

“No more risk of your you kids burning themselves”

I’d like to thank Rob and his team from Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers and get the word out about their thermostatic shower design. Tried and tested technology in Europe but for reasons I can’t understand (maybe people are unsure of change and new tech) but this should be the new norm here in Oz. No more risk of your you kids burning themselves, if you have trouble with fine motor skill in your hands or just want the convenience and down right comfort check out this shower system and get onboard now. Click on the link and like and share far and wide. This is my 3rd purchase so all showers in our house are now Therm-oz showers and we would never go back. By no means have I been endorsed by Therm-oz, I am just an enthusiastic and happy customer who wants to plug a local WA business and I’m always keen to move and improve with technology and times.Thanks guys.

Sharlene Gratte

“The plumber had it installed in under 30mins”

We’re extremely happy with our new Thermo-Oz shower.

We had done a fair bit of research looking for an option to convert our separate hot and cold into a mixer. As well as set up the main shower so that it was safe and easy to use for our 5-year-old. This shower does exactly that!

My five-year-old can turn the shower on herself with one turn of the tap. The water heats up for a perfect and safe shower. We were worried that 38 degrees wouldn’t be warm enough. However, it is the perfect temperature. You can make it even hotter.

We ordered the shower through Bunnings which gave us confidence the shower was quality. However, we still received great direct customer service from Rob (Therm-Oz owner) himself. He actively made sure I knew the important information to pass onto our plumber. – The plumber had it installed in under 30mins.

We have now installed a second one in our ensuite.

Chloe Towns

“Don’t know how I’ve lived without them!”

Had two Therm-Oz showers installed in my house. I have four kids and am constantly struggling for the hot and cold balance for the past 10 years! I had these installed nearly a month ago and I absolutely love them. We can have the washing machine going, the kids can get in the other shower, or me and the wife can shower at the same time and we’re not struggling with burning or freezing. I highly recommend them and wish I had done them 10 years ago when I built the house. Don’t know how I’ve lived without them! Thanks guys.

Michael Mills

“Innovative idea”

Innovative idea that I wish I had have found out about a long time ago. So easy and so safe.

Ned Kelly

Is Your Shower KidSafe?

How many times have you been in a nice hot shower only to have it turn cold because someone put the washing machine on, or turn too hot because someone in the house flushed a toilet? 

It can be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

The Therm-Oz Thermostatic shower valve severely reduces the risk of scalds in children. Designed to always maintain a consistent water temperature, this ensures shower time is safe!

Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers;
Cool Touch Mixer Showers with a difference

One side of the thermostatic shower valve operates the water flow with a simple On-Off. The other side is critical when it comes to kid’s safety, as it has the temperature set to a maximum of 38 degrees as a safety feature. If you want a hotter shower (up to 45 degrees), just press the safety button and rotate the handle.

With a cool touch technology that ensures the surface remains cool, as well as being water efficient, we are sure your whole family will enjoy the benefits.

Mixer Shower, Why the Therm-Oz is Perfect for Assistive Living

Is Your Hot Water Too Hot?

Every year, nearly 1000 children aged 0-4 years are treated in Australian hospitals for burns as a result of scalds. That’s about 3 children a day!

Many of these serious scalds are caused by hot water, with 80% happening in the home.

These scalds can require multiple hospital visits and leave lifelong scarring.

Australian standards require hot water to be stored at no less than 60 degrees Celsius to kill bacteria. At 60 degrees hot water will cause a full thickness burn in less than one second!

Most of these injuries are preventable! With our cool touch technology keeping the metal safe and our thermostatic mixer keeping the water safe, your child is safe whichever way you look at it!

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