Assistive Technology isn’t a Luxury, it’s a Necessity.

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Hygenic Bathroom Plastic, Assistive technology - Grip turners for handing assistance

ThermOz’s thermostatic mixer kits ensure a consistently safe water temperature and uninterrupted operation even when other appliances in the property are using water at the same time.

John lives in an aged care facility and finds it difficult to manoeuvre in the shower. The water temperature is just right when he steps in but as he reaches for the soap, he knocks the extended lever handle and the water scalds him. “Those long levers in shower cubicles can be a nightmare for the elderly,” says Sarah Pond, Co-Director of ThermOz and a former nurse from the UK. “ThermOz showers are controlled by a quarter turn of the handle and you can easily fit a Grip Turner for those who need them.”

Nicky, four, isn’t as lucky as John. Her speech is delayed and she can’t tell her parents that, while water coming from the hose attachment might start off fine, by the time they lie it on the tiles to pick up her shampoo and lift it up back up again, the water’s way too hot for comfort. “That wouldn’t happen with one of our showers,” Sarah said. “The valve keeps the water at a constant temperature no matter what—it doesn’t fluctuate even if another tap’s turned on. A carer can turn the shower on and off repeatedly knowing that the temperature will always be constant.”

Thermostatic Showers aren’t a luxury in assisted care, they are a necessity.


ThermOz’s thermostatic mixer kits ensure a consistently safe water temperature and uninterrupted operation even when other appliances in the property are using water at the same time. The showers can be fitted vertically or horizontally and supplied with or without an adjustable Slide Rail Kit, handset and hose. Moreover, their patented innovation means that they can replace old thermostatic units or standard two-tap showers with no pipe-work or tiling alterations necessary.

The Australian Health & Aged Care Resource Guide, the official health care publication that works in conjunction with the funding supplied to nursing homes throughout Australia, praised ThermOz in November 2022 for winning the Assistive Care Product of the Year and for producing ‘the perfect solution for Aged Care showering’. Compliant with AS/NZ3500.4:2018, which specifies tempering requirements for special uses such as early childhood centres and aged care facilities, ThermOz is the perfect choice for care homes across Australia.

ThermOz produce safe showers that encourage client independence. The valves reduces the risk of thermal shock from water turning scalding hot or freezing cold. They remove the danger of people with mobility impairment or compromised balance slipping because of a sudden movement when the water changes temperature.

Set to a maximum of 38C, the showers won’t get hotter—unless you press the safety button and rotate the handle (max 45°C). They are designed to allow clients to manoeuvre into a seat in the shower enclosure and be at exactly the right temperature when the water is turned on. Made with cool touch technology, even the surface of the mixer won’t burn.

For self-managed NDIS plans, all ThermOz suppliers can provide the product Retail Price quotation required. Agency managed plans need to ensure their organisation has the relevant Registration Grounds to provide the AT. James Hunter, Occupational Therapist, and director of Melbourne Occupational Therapy Services, recommends ThermOz’s thermostatic mixing valve. He says, “You get quite a steady 38 degrees. If you’ve got someone with grip or dexterity issues, we do have a rubber cap that we can put over the top. We don’t use this but some of our clients might…I’m going to use [ThermOz showers] more often with my clients”.

For self-managed NDIS plans, the NDIS Assistive Technology Team classify the thermostatic shower as a Category 3 Item. Discover more about how you can use our thermostative shower valves to support those with disabilities.

How do I as an OT assessor obtain a quotation to submit to NDIS for approval?


As the Therm-Oz thermostatic shower is currently classed as a Category 3 item (please see NDIS note above) then an assessment as per current NDIS guidelines will be required.

Complex home modification (CHM) assessments:

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