Major Points to note:

Incoming water pressure not to exceed 500kPa or will damage the valve and void warranty.

Hot and cold pressure to be balanced, not high for cold and low for hot.

For tap spacings 150mm. Adaptors included for maximum 230mm minimum 80mm spacing.

Can be installed in horizonal or vertical position.

CT100 Reno with Cranked Arms

Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers

CT100 New Build

Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers

5 year warranty on all parts against defects in performance.

To be fitted by a qualified licensed plumber.

Installation is subject to the requirements of the applicable regulatory authority, the National Construction Code Volume Three – Plumbing Code of Australia.

Australian Standard AS4032.4:2014 Watermark Licence WMK26224.

Not to be fitted where freezing may occur.

Recommended inlet pressure between 100 and 500kPa.

If inlet pressure exceeds 500kPa or can spike above 500kPA, a pressure reducing valve must be installed as per AS/NZS 3500 plumbing code.

Inlet cold water temperature between 8 and 29 degrees Celsius to obtain set mixed water temperature.

Inlet hot water temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Celsius to obtain set mixed water temperature. If inlet temperature exceeds 85 degrees Celsius, check hot water system thermostat.

Can be fitted with a combination boiler, mains pressure unveneted or instantaneous hot water system. Balanced pressures on hot and cold.

Mixed outlet water temperature range between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius at recommended inlet temperatures.

Safety stop set feature @ 38 degrees Celsius with internal safety thermal shut off.

Cool touch valve, low surface temperature when operating.

Cylindrical surface mounted chrome TMV, 296mm long, 38mm diameter.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

For technical support, please contact Rob on +61 483 915 031 or email info@thermoz.com.au

How does it work?

Hot supply goes straight to TMV cartridge Cold supply runs through the outer skin of valve body (this makes it cool to touch when working) then to the cold inlets on the TMV cartridge.

The mixed hot water is then directed to the ceramic disk on/off flow control , then to the outlet.

TMV cartridge has a wax filed capsule that expands and contracts with fluctuations in water supply temperature, keeping temp constant Thermostatic (thermo means temperature, static means still)

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Reno Kit Complete RK001

RK001 Complete with Chrome slide rail, hose, and 3 function handset. Includes all components to replace a 2 tap manual shower with no pipework or tiling alterations.

New Build Complete NB001

NB001 New Build Pack, complete with Chrome slide rail, hose and handset. Includes fixing bracket to pipe up to and securely position on the wall.

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