Planning a shower reno – Which thermostatic shower kit do you need?

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Planning Your Shower Reno

You’ve done your homework regarding the many benefits of thermostatic showers and you’ve made a great choice – to install a Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower in your home. But where do you begin?

With Therm-Oz, the process is easy. Read on to learn the three questions you need to answer to ensure you purchase the right shower mixer conversion kit to suit your shower reno, or to install a Therm-Oz new shower build.

Question #1 - Are you installing a new shower build?

If you are installing a new shower during the building process, the new shower build kit NB-CT100 is the shower mixing valve package for you.

This complete shower kit includes a Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower Mixer, a fixing bracket to attach it to your wall and a cranked nipple kit.

And no, this isn’t NSFW! That is legitimate plumbing terminology.

Shower Reno, Complete Shower Kit

Question #2 - Are you replacing a thermostatic mixer of a similar appearance?

If you already have a thermostatic shower mixer installed which is of a similar appearance to the Therm-Oz thermostatic shower and you want to upgrade, you will again turn your head to the new shower build kit NB-CT100

Question #3 - Are you converting a 2-tap manual shower to become a Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower?

If you currently have a separate hot and cold tap and you are looking to undertake a tap conversion into a Therm-Oz Thermostatic Shower, the shower mixer conversion kit or “Shower Reno Kit” RK-CT100 is the right kit for you.

With the inclusion of the shower breech conversion parts and the cranked arms you will be able to convert taps with a variety of spacings between them.

Shower Reno, Complete Shower Kit

Can you install shower taps by yourself?

All Therm-Oz Thermostatic shower conversion kits or new build shower kits require installation by a qualified plumber. Without professional installation, you will void all warranties on your Therm-Oz products.


How to find a plumber who can install thermostatic showers

If you need assistance finding a plumber who already knows all about installing thermostatic showers, you can locate our suppliers and installers here! 

Can my local plumber install a Therm-Oz thermostatic shower?


Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers are easy to install by licensed plumbers and we have comprehensive thermostatic shower installation instructions and tips here on our website. 

All you need is to purchase one of our thermostatic shower conversion kits here and book in your choice of plumber.

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