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A thermostatic shower is a highly efficient and popular shower system that provides better control over water temperature. Like any other equipment, thermostatic showers can come with some questions and concerns. That’s where the thermostatic showers FAQ section comes in to provides answers to frequently asked questions about thermostatic showers, whether you are enquiring about shower mixer installation in Australia or are trying to retro fit a shower mixer to your existing setup.

Over our years of operation, the following questions have been asked and may provide further information on how to install and maintain the shower, how to troubleshoot any arising issues, and how to use it safely. The FAQ section can also provide information on where to get spare parts and any warranties that may apply.

We hope this will help users get the most of their showering experience while providing valuable information that can improve their safety and enjoyment!

5 Year Warranty on all parts against defects in performance. Please refer to warranty documentation.

The water pressure needs to be tested and is required to be a minimum of 100kPa and must be balanced to the same pressure as the cold supply. If the gravity hot is 100 kPa or above then the cold water supply will need a pressure reducing valve to match the same pressure as the hot.

Water pressure must not exceed 500kPa. If water pressure is above 500kPa or has the potential to spike above 500kPa, a Pressure Reducing Valve must be installed, or the valve will be damaged and void any warranty. This water pressure requirement is also part of the AS/NZS3500.1:2018 plumbing code and should be implemented to also protect all other household appliances.

Yes, but the gas pressure setting needs to be on the lowest setting for the flame to stay on.

The Therm-Oz shower valve is calibrated for hot water inlet temperature between 55 and 85 degrees C. Tempering valves are set at 50 degrees, which is below what the Australian standard specifies our valve to be tested to, but it will still work perfectly. The only issue is that when our valve is set on the 38 degrees setting, it will probably come out below 38 degrees, but this can be rectified. The valve will need to be re-calibrated which is explained in our instructions manual.

So if a child for example moved the handle the shower would not get hotter than 38 degrees.

To increase the temperature, press the safety over ride button which is on the handle and rotate forwards. This will have a maximum of 45 degrees.

So max 45, min 20 safety set at 38.

Adapters are included with the Reno kits that allow Max tap spacing of 230mm and a minimum of 80mm, so it can still be installed.

The Therm-Oz valve can be installed to replace a flick mixer by removing the tiles round the flick mixer valve and chopping out the existing mixing valve. Then installing the new build bracket. This can be found in either the New Build Kit Complete (NB001) or New Build Valve Only (NB-CT100).

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Thermostatic Showers FAQ, Therm-Oz video

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