Is your Shower Kidsafe and Water-Wise?

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Why Should I Choose A Thermostatic Shower?, KidSafe Shower

Most of us follow a routine before we put one toe under the shower: First, we run the hot tap until the warmth hits our hand and then, with surgical precision, we gradually turn on the cold until it reaches the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold—Goldilocks has got nothing on us!

Many parents with small children won’t risk letting them turn on the shower and getting the temperature right for themselves. The thought of small hands turning on the hot tap and stepping under a steaming flow is too awful. Every year children scald themselves in the shower, ending up in hospital with severe burns and no wants that to happen to their family. 

Co-Director, Sarah Pond, recalls one parent’s cautionary tale about their nine-year old daughter. Washing her hair in her parents’ ensuite while the family bathroom was being renovated, she accidentally knocked the flick mixer and sent the water temperature rocketing. Eyes full of bubbles, she couldn’t find her way out and was badly scalded as a result.

It’s a tale that’s all too easy to visualise and guaranteed to send a shiver down every parent and grandparent’s spine.


So, what’s the answer? Simple: a Thermo-Oz thermostatic shower. Their patented mixer valve delivers water at a constant temperature from the moment it’s turned on. Set to a maximum of 38C, it won’t get hotter—unless you press the safety button and rotate the handle. Made with cool touch technology, even the surface of the mixer won’t burn. 

Think about it: no more warming up the shower, no more wasting water, no more nasty hot or cold water shocks, just a straightforward twist of the On-Off handle. Child’s play.

Therm-Oz is the market leader in Australian thermostatic showers. Fully compliant with Australian industry standards, this industry award winning company is known for its innovative safety features, water saving design and its stylish, modern look. Their Reno and New Build kits ensure uninterrupted operation even when other appliances in the property are using water at the same time. 

The showers can be fitted vertically or horizontally and are supplied with or without an adjustable Slide Rail Kit, handset and hose. Easy-fit Therm-Oz uses existing pipework, does not disturb existing tiling and can be installed by a registered plumber in as little as thirty minutes. For those concerned about protecting the vulnerable, saving water and improving their own comfort, ThermOz showers are an obvious choice.

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