Thermostatic Showers Explained in Under 100 Words!

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Thermostatic Showers Explained: 95 words explaining what a thermostatic shower is and why you need one in your shower.

What is a thermostatic shower?

Therm-oz Thermostatic showers mix hot and cold water to the perfect temperature every time for guaranteed safe use. When other appliances in the house are used or toilets flushed, the flow of hot and cold water changes.

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So how to Thermostatic Showers work?

The Thermostatic cartridge in the Shower mixing valve maintains a constant temperature, to ensure no fluctuations. This ensures a constant, safe water temperature, preventing scalding or thermal shock. The thermostatic shower valve will also shut off rapidly in the event of hot or cold supply failure. Therm-Oz offers options for new builds and converting your two tap shower without pipework alteration.

Thermostatic showers are back, Are thermostatic showers new?

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