Thermostatic Shower Temperature Control with Therm-Oz

Shower Temperature Control is a major benefit to thermostatic showers such as Therm-Oz, improving safety and providing a more enjoyable shower!
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Thermostatic Shower Temperature Control

How can you control temperature in a thermostatic shower?

Therm Oz thermostatic showers have a thermostatic cartridge that controls the water temperature and maintains it at a constant level, regardless of any changes in water supply. For example, changes can often occur when a toilet is flushed or a washing machine/dish washer is running.

The shower temperature control is set by the left handle and the right handle controls the water flow, turning it on & off.

Rotating the left handle towards yourself decreases the temperature. Rotating it forwards increases the temperature and has a safety feature that stops at 38°C by means of a safety button. Depress the safety button to increase the temperature 38°C which will then rotate further up to 45°C maximum.

A thermostatic shower prevents scalding or thermal shock as the temperature will not suddenly fluctuate.

As an added safety feature, if the hot or cold water supply were to fail
to the property, the Therm Oz thermostatic shower valve will instantly shut off! This feature makes thermostatic showers a popular choice in households and commercial settings.

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Therm-Oz Shower Temperature Safety

What are the potential dangers of irregular water temperature?

Shower temperature can pose various dangers to your health and well-being.

Whilst some dangers are obvious such as high temperatures leading to burns and scalds, some complications are less commonly thought of but can significantly impact everyday quality of life. This can particularly impact those with young children, elderly family members or those caring for people with disabilities.

For example, hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture, causing it to become dry, itchy, and irritated. On the other hand, cold water can constrict your blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow and affecting your body’s ability to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

Additionally, extreme fluctuations in temperature can also cause dizziness, fainting, and even heart problems in vulnerable individuals. Therefore, it is essential to regulate the temperature of the shower to prevent any undesirable outcomes.

Therm-Oz thermostatic showers have a built in thermostat which provides the stability in shower temperature control that you need. The maximum temperature is set at 38 degrees Celsius to ensure safety around children and the elderly, with temperatures above this (up to 45 degrees) requiring a safety button to be pushed – designed so as smaller hands can not trigger accidentally. Although 45°C is a hot shower, this will not scald and is made and tested to Australian Standard AS4032.4 and WaterMark Licenced WMK26224.

Safety is our top concern at Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers.

Don’t take it from us! Read these first hand accounts from customers who have improved their shower safety by installing Therm-Oz thermostatic shower controls in their home.

“I had one dementia client that had just installed this and OMG happy client happy carer!!”

These are the best things ever!! I had one dementia client that had just installed this and OMG happy client happy carer!! I highly recommend this product! No mucking around with taps at all! Best for in home care and residential care for sure.

“The ease and simplicity to use it is a massive bonus.”

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We love this shower! The ease and simplicity to use it is a massive bonus. The safety surrounding having a set temperature is a brilliant feature for my elderly mother so she doesn’t scald herself. It is a perfect shower system for an aged person with arthritis. Thank you Therm-Oz! 
Donna Landon

“Thanks ThermOz for a really useful product!”

Really happy with our new ThermOz showers. We have a son with special needs who is unable to regulate the temperature himself so having a thermostatically controlled shower is perfect! They look great too. Thanks ThermOz for a really useful product!

Sarah Cousins

“This Therm Oz thermostatic shower has given me back my independence”

This Therm Oz thermostatic shower has given me back my independence. My husband has always had to adjust the temp in my shower as I have MS and I do not feel the temp of the water properly. The temp is set at the desired temp for me. I turn the tap on and the water is automatically adjusted for me. I just have a perfect shower with no fluctuations in temp at all. I highly recommend this product

Helen Vennix

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