We’re extremely happy with our new Thermo-Oz shower.

We had done a fair bit of research looking for an option to convert our separate hot and cold into a mixer. As well as set up the main shower so that it was safe and easy to use for our 5-year-old. This shower does exactly that!

My five-year-old can turn the shower on herself with one turn of the tap. The water heats up for a perfect and safe shower. We were worried that 38 degrees wouldn’t be warm enough. However, it is the perfect temperature. You can make it even hotter.

We ordered the shower through Bunnings which gave us confidence the shower was quality. However, we still received great direct customer service from Rob (Therm-Oz owner) himself. He actively made sure I knew the important information to pass onto our plumber. – The plumber had it installed in under 30mins.

We have now installed a second one in our ensuite.

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