5 Reasons Why You Need a Thermostatic Shower

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Let’s face it; showering would have to be the best part of the day. It’s that moment of peace where you can reflect on life and escape the busy world.

Showering should be done right. So we’ve given you 5 reasons you should change to a thermostatic shower so you can make your shower more enjoyable.

No more juggling

A little bit of the hot tap, then a little bit of the cold tap. Maybe a little more cold. Actually, that’s too cold, maybe need to have a little less cold. We all know the game of getting the hot and cold balance just right for the perfect shower. It’s painful; and it’s taking away from the time I’d like to be spending solving the world’s problems in deep thought.

A thermostatic shower mixes the hot and cold water to the perfect temperature for your shower. Once the temperature is set, the shower can be simply turned on and off and the water is mixed at the right temperature every time.

No more cold or hot bursts when someone uses another tap

There is nothing worse than when someone else flushes the toilet or runs a sink, only to be pinned in the corner of the shower as the water has gone icy cold. You then balance turn off the cold water so you can continue your shower, only to get scalded by hot water as the temperature changes again.

A thermostatic shower uses a wax-filled cartridge to balance the flow of hot and cold water. This means that if the flow of cold or hot water is reduced, the thermostatic shower valve balances out the flow to keep a consistent temperature at the shower.

Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers

Safe for young children


How stressful is the thought of young children in the shower, only to play with the taps and end up with third degree burns? Some thermostatic showers like the Therm-Oz feature a safety button at 38 degrees.


What this means is that even if a young child decides to play with the temperature settings, the maximum temperature that will be delivered is 38 degrees. The only way to override this safety feature is by pushing a button downwards why turning the handle to obtain a higher temperature.


As the valve balances the flow of hot and cold water, the valve also regulates the temperature to prevent hot bursts. Should the cold water flow cease, most thermostatic shower valves have a shut of feature to prevent burns.


Easy to operate for assisted living

We’ve covered the no juggling hot and cold taps; it’s just a simple on/off function and a temperature set feature. This makes it perfect for the elderly and in any assisted living environment. Some thermostatic shower valves, like the Therm-Oz, feature a rubberised grips to make it easier for those with dexterity issues.


Most thermostatic showers will also allow the shower to be turned off, then resume at the correct temperature if used again shortly after.


No more tap washers – ever!

I can hear plumbers around the country crying over the death of the old faithful tap washer. Thermostatic showers can be installed to replace existing two tap showers without pipework or tile alterations. Part of the process is replacing the seat of the shower which normally contains the washer. This means no more leaking showers, no more annual spend replacing tap washers and most importantly, no more wasting water!

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So… have we convinced you yet that you need a Thermostatic shower in your life?
Make sure you checkout our thermostatic shower range; which can be installed by any licenced plumber to replace your existing two tap shower.
Change the way you shower with a thermostatic shower!

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