Therm-Oz WaterMark

The Australian Building Codes Board, commonly known as the ABCB are responsible for the WaterMark Certification Scheme in Australia. This mandatory scheme enforces that all plumbing and drainage fixtures are authorised for installation in Australia.

The Therm-Oz Thermostatic valve (CT100) is one of the only Australian WaterMark approved thermostatic mixing valve.


Avoid Imitations!

Unfortunately in Australia, you can easily find many Thermostatic showers and mixing valves that ARE NOT APPROVED by WaterMark. These can be readily found on eBay, Gumtree and Google, still featuring the red “W” but no credentials. Without a WaterMark approval, the product is not only illegal for a plumber to install, it can drastically effect any insurance / public liability claim in your home. Check out Troy taking you through how to check the WaterMark approval database.

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