I’d like to thank Rob and his team from Therm-Oz Thermostatic Showers and get the word out about their thermostatic shower design. Tried and tested technology in Europe but for reasons I can’t understand (maybe people are unsure of change and new tech) but this should be the new norm here in Oz. No more risk of your you kids burning themselves, if you have trouble with fine motor skill in your hands or just want the convenience and down right comfort check out this shower system and get onboard now. Click on the link and like and share far and wide. This is my 3rd purchase so all showers in our house are now Therm-oz showers and we would never go back. By no means have I been endorsed by Therm-oz, I am just an enthusiastic and happy customer who wants to plug a local WA business and I’m always keen to move and improve with technology and times.Thanks guys.

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