I really needed a solution to our own 40 year old home and outdated water system.  This resulted in hot and cold water fluctuations when showering and screams emanating from the bathroom on a regular basis, when my wife or I would have to jump from either the freezing cold or roasting hot water.  I also wanted to see how well the Therm-Oz worked, so I could recommend to clients. Simply put, it is wonderful! It has reduced hot and cold fluctuations significantly, its super-easy to use, looks great and saved me a lot of money not having to upgrade my whole water-system. I will be recommending the Therm-Oz for my Occupational Therapy practice for client issues such as involuntary movements, poor grasp/grip, intellectual issues, arthritis, body-temperature control issues, when requiring carers to adjust temperature, the elderly or simply if I am unsure the current water-system will regulate temperature. Therm-Oz is a simple, easy, good looking and very cost-effective solution.

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